3 de febrero de 2012

Algo para sonreír...

Pierre Passereau

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  1. ¡Extraordinarios el modo en que un compositor puede cincelar, dibujar, narrar una situación real y cotidiana a través de sonidos y la manera en que los cantantes son capaces de reflejarlo!

  2. This is probably one of the "Greatest Hits" of Renaissance secular music. It is almost impossible not to have sing it in choirs, sometimes very bad in amateur choirs.

    This is a clear example of how simple things can have a wonderfull effect. Listening to "Il est bel et bon" reminds me of the "heavy" chansons by Janequin (Le Chant des oiseaux and La guerre) and the capacity of describe the nature.

    I'm not particularly fan of male ensembles (with few exceptions) and the King Singers are not one of these exceptions.

    Best wishes,
    Luís Henriques